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Welcome To Todd Property Advisors

Commercial Property Valuation and Consulting Services

Welcome to Todd Property Advisors. Our mission is to be a professional organization that provides appraisal and consulting services of exceptional quality and undeniable thoroughness with knowledge, maximum effort, dependability and the highest ethical standards of professional practice. Specializing in appraisal, appraisal review and consulting services, we pride ourselves on building mutually beneficial, long term and sustainable relationships with our clients.

About Us

In the fiercely competitive appraisal environment of 1991, a consulting group was formed to meet the challenges of the last decade of the Twentieth Century. An alliance was formed between Beer-Wells Real Estate Services, Inc. (established in 1952) and Mitchell B. Todd, MAI, an experienced commercial real estate appraiser. These efforts laid the foundation for the success of the organization for the last 20 years.

Originally known as Beer-Wells-Todd, the organization changed its name to Todd Property Advisors in 2013.  Same team, same ownership, and the same quality that commercial real estate lenders, investors, brokers, and other market participants have trusted for all of these years.   Located in the Dallas/DFW Metroplex, the firm is proud to serve the great state of Texas and businesses across the United States. Contact us today at (214) 297-9000.